Office Removals & Man and Van

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Office/Light Industrial Removals can be very stressful as home removals, Especially if you run a small office and you are the one that is responsible for the whole moving process. We can spend time up with you discussing the level of service you require if it will make things easier, provide packaging materials and help you pack. Call us now to obtain a free, no obligation quote.

24h Business removals

Do you have a business? Are you continuously in need of items that require to be moved within your organisation? Are you stressed of continuously having to look for a new removal service to carry out the job? Are your customers starting to get irritated that the removal services that you provide are always changing? Do not stress any longer. 24H Removals is a removal company that promise to provide you with a calm, relaxed and hassle free move each time.

We as a company thrive in excellence and try to make sure our customers are happy and satisfied whatever type of move that we are carrying out for them. We understand that some businesses require moving items for customers of themselves or just to storages for their organisation.

Our clients include carpet fitters, kitchen fitters, bathroom designers and many more.

24H business removals have moved carpets and fitting equipment and actually drove the fitter to the address that they need to go to and helped them load and unload all items required.

Business item movers have affordable rates; we do not aim to please a specific customer base we enjoy being able to gain clients from the sole trader business all the way up to a franchise.

Are you still hesitant about whether we are being honest? Are you wondering if we are a typical removal company trying to trick you? Don’t be!!! 24H business removals are insured to make sure any items of yours that is not in the condition you handed it over to us we could cover any damage. Although we do not believe we will ever come to this stage with any client.

Still worried? Give 24H business removals a call on 020 8226 4440 to discuss all your concerns and to be provided with a step by step outline of what we could offer you or anyone you know.

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